Why You Should use an Answering Service For Your DUl Defense Law Firm

Running a DUI defense Law Firm involves handling numerous calls from different clients. Attending all those calls manually is a lot of work. Usually, these calls are handled by the various staff of your DUI Law Firm. The staff finds it hard to multitask between handling the calls and attending to other duties like representing defendants in court or preparing their filles. Also, calls are only received within office hours as your DUI defense law firm does not have designated staff to receive the calls after office hours. Not being able to receive calls at all times is a disadvantage since your firm will probably miss calls from important clients.

To avoid burdening employees unnecessarily, and minimize the possibility of missing an eminent call, your DUI Defense Law firm should partner with a call Answering service provider. Such partnerships are essential in relieving employees of the burden of receiving calls and also improves their work efficiency.  Other benefits of using an answering service include:

An answering service offers Round the Clock Timely Connectivity.

A DUI defense attorney is primarily useful to clients by representing them in court proceedings when they are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. It is critical that your DUI defence law firm receives every call attended to the client immediately regardless of the time or season, may it be the  holidays or weekend.

Never missing a call becomes a challenge for your DUI defense law firm, as most calls from defendants come in at night when office hours are over. At this time, employees are enjoying their private time at home. Calls also come in on weekends when the office is closed. Therefore, it is easy for a DUI defense firm to miss a serious call, and this might mean your DUI defense firm losing a big business opportunity.

DUI defendants call at the time when they most need help. They expect your DUI defense firms to represent them and facilitate their quick release from jail. Missing a call from DUI clients leaves them devastated, especially in a case where the client is solely dependent on your DUI firm's services.

A client will not be willing to delay their court representation and therefore opt to try their luck elsewhere to support another company as urgency is key in such scenarios. Moreover, the clients may feel disappointed by your company’s failure to receive their calls. Hence they may give a negative review of the firm to friends. Additionally, the company will have lost a chance of representing a client and making money as well.

By partnering with a call answering services provider, your DUI defense law firm is relieved of having to worry about the availability of its services to clients at the time of their immense need. This is because the call answering services ensure that the defendants’ calls are received and attended to at all times.

An answering service Increases the Call Picking Efficiency of your Firm.

Manually receiving calls by your DUI defense law firm may keep clients on hold as the company lines are usually busy, especially if you have many defendants whom you represent in court. Statistics conducted to assess the efficiency of receiving calls by DUI defense firms indicated that clients calling a DUI defense Law firm have to wait on hold for at least 10 to 20 minutes before their call is received. By integrating the services offered by a call answering service provider, your DUI defense law firm reduces the caller’s waiting time, as clients no longer need to be put on hold.

Call answering services give clients the liberty of choosing the person they want to converse with or leave a message to. As a result, they can be contacted back by the person they intended to talk to in the first place. This will help improve the company’s trust with clients by reducing their frustrations and ensuring that they are attended to on time. It is paramount that your DUI defense firm employs a call answering service provider with effective customer service and attends to clients fast and on-time.

An Answering Service Offers Professional Customer Care Service

Receptionists from call answering service respond to calls on behalf of your DUI defense law firm. They are specifically trained to handle all calls professionally. They follow the pre-approved call script protocols. They are well trained and are highly dedicated, courteous, and pay close attention to every detail.

These operators are strict in maintaining client confidentiality. Therefore, integrating their services will ensure your clients receive highly effective and professional customer service. Your clients’ personal information will also be kept confidentially.

By using an answering service, your DUI defense law firm relieves its employees of the burden of receiving company calls and allows them to concentrate on their designated work.

An Answering Service Receives and Transfers Messages from Defendants

An answering service receives calls and messages from defendants who contact your law firm.  As a result, your DUI defense law firm can function effectively to help the defendants with their court cases. An answering service is more cost-effective as it will help you concentrate on the core function of representing defendants in court.  Additionally, they will take over the administrative task of answering calls from your clients.

Your DUI defense law firm can acquire a customized plan by personalizing a service plan. Whereby your DUI defense law firm is free to include dates, schedule appointments, analyze calls and calls reports, integrate a messaging and message receiving service as well as call routing.

Services offered by an answering service by answering calls and attending to clients greatly saves your DUI Defense Law firm time. An answering service through their virtual receptionist offers more services than receiving and directing calls. The virtual receptionist provides basic customer care to process bails for clients on behalf of your DUI defense law firm.

This allows your DUI defense firm to indulge in other activities. An answering service acts in compliance with your DUI defense law firm rules and regulations. The additional services may differ from a certain answering service to another and include;

Schedule appointment

Some clients who seek DUI defense services act on behalf of their friends or relatives who have been arrested or are serving a jail term. These clients have to report to their workplace. This makes it difficult for them to book an appointment with your DUI defense law firm within the working hours. DUI call answering service schedules an appointment for such clients. The appointment date should be convenient for both parties.

A call answering service is committed to following up and ensure that the clients honor the appointment by reminding them about the appointment date. They address arising questions and concerns and also clarify on dates and venues of appointment. If necessary, the answering service reschedules or cancels appointments in an event where both parties are inconvenienced by the selected date.

Receives and transfers calls

Some clients may not be comfortable to address the issue with a virtual assistant. In this circumstance, the virtual assistant is responsible to field or transfer the call to a DUI defense attorney in your firm who is mandated to address the issue at hand. The customer care representative also transfers calls that require an urgent response.

Providing the direction of your DUI defense law firm to clients.

DUI call answering services will provide directions to a given DUI defense law firm. This is necessary to ensure that clients do not miss out on an appointment or turn up late as they try to get the company's direction. In case a client misses the direction provided, the answering service representative directs the client to your DUI defense law firm.

An answering service will collect clients’ details.

Collecting a client's details is a critical task involving manually doing for the staff of your DUI defense law firm. Designating such tasks to staff in a DUI defense company will consume more of their time, spending other paramount activities for the company. Engaging an answering service with a well-trained receptionist will help gather and compile details from clients who call your DUI defense law firm.

Apart from providing enormous advantages for your firm and its activities, A DUI call answering service also provides a wide range of advantages to every employee of your DUI defense Law firm. These benefits include:

Additional Free Time for Every Employee

Running a DUI defense Law firm is tiresome. No matter how committed a company and its employees are to attending to their clients. They feel the need to have free time to sort out personal and family issues. By working together with a call answering service, your DUI defense law firm delegates call receiving duties to its virtual receptionist. Doing so ensures that the DUI defense company will not have to worry about the possibility of missing an important call from a client.

The answering service company will inform your DUI defense law firm about calls from clients requiring immediate attention. Since the DUI defense company’s staff do not have to be on the lookout for numerous clients' calls, they are provided with enough time to take care of their issues, which are not work-related.

Employees have time for Other Duties.

DUI call answering service company has numerous employees who work as a receptionist. On the other hand, DUI defense Law firm staff must handle numerous tasks, especially representing defendants in courts or preparing their case files. These duties allow them to receive only a few calls throughout the day. Hiring the call answering receptionist's services will enable a company to allow staff to engage in their core roles, which is more profitable to the business.

An answering service Ensures no Call is Missed.

An answering service consists of professional and reliable receptionists who work for clients' convenience every day and night throughout the year. This ensures that your DUI defense Law firm never misses a call from clients, other law firm companies, and possible investors that wish to partner with your DUI defense company.

The receptionist at the answering service is real people. Clients feel better when receiving assistance from a human being other than receiving a response from robots or automated recording services. Since an answering service has people on duty 24/7, your clients will always speak to a person and never respond from an answering machine.

An answering service creates a Positive Image for your DUI defense law firm.

A client's perspective about your DUI defense law firm's services is essential for building a reputation and ensuring the growth of your company. Since a DUI defense law firm majorly operates by receiving and attending to client calls, it is essential to develop a positive customer review about your company's reception and attendance.

An answering service is responsible for handling calls on behalf of your DUI defense law firm. The receptionist is the first to interact with clients and is an important element in ensuring positive reviews for your firm.  A positive reputation ensures the growth of your DUI defense law firm.

An answering service receptionist answers all calls in-time and handles your defendants’ cases with empathy and dedication. They are also not easily affected or swayed by their moods. A virtual receptionist's response to clients is warm and remains constant regardless of the time or the personalities of different clients. The receptionists put all their effort and dedication into attending and helping clients as they are not designated to handle other company activities.

Positive reviews improve the company’s reliability of its professional responsiveness. Building a positive review from clients helps your DUI defense law firm grow as you will receive referrals from your existing clients.

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As a DUI defense law firm, you should be available for your clients 24/7. This fete might be challenging to accomplish since you need time to rest and recharge. It is, therefore, imperative for your DUI defense law firm to use an answering service. With an answering service, your DUI defense law firm will be available to defendants 24/7. When you are available every time, you will create a reputation for reliability and dependability, essential in the legal profession. Hire an attorney answering service, and you will not regret your decision.

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