Why You Should use an Answering Service For Your DUl Defense Law Firm

Running a DUI defense Law Firm involves handling numerous calls from different clients. Attending all those calls manually is a lot of work. Usually, these calls are handled by the various staff of your DUI Law Firm. The staff finds it hard to multitask...

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No Reasonable Suspicion That A Crime Was Committed

In order for a law enforcement officer to make a lawful and thus legal stop of a motorist, the officer must have witnessed that a crime (even just an infraction) was committed in the officer’s presence. The law requires that there be “a reasonable...

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Common Policing Errors for a Traffic Stop

A stop or detention by a police officer does not always lead to a citation. And a stop or detention by a police officer does not always lead to an arrest. Furthermore, and this is a very important concept to grasp... an arrest does not always lead to a...

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The True Cost of a DUI Conviction in Los Angeles

Several years ago, billboards were popular alongside highways throughout the State claiming that a first time DUI conviction will eventually cost the convicted over $15,000.00 in out of pocket expenses. Can this really be true? Surely this is just an...

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It’s Your Right, Exercise It. Advice On Criminal Defense in Los Angeles

It’s Your Right, Exercise it. Let’s get something straight right now. I do not ever advocate for anyone to drink alcohol and drive at any time. Some say that it’s okay to drink and then drive as long as you stopped drinking at least 3 hours before...

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Life As A Criminal Defense Attorney

For years friends, fellow lawyers and family have urged me to write a Criminal Defense Lawyer's Blog. For years I have said that one day I will actually take the time out of my very busy court days to start pressing this old keyboard of mine to generate...

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