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For years friends, fellow lawyers and family have urged me to write a Criminal Defense Lawyer's Blog. For years I have said that one day I will actually take the time out of my very busy court days to start pressing this old keyboard of mine to generate words and thoughts that hopefully the reader will find entertaining.

I have come across so many Web Logs over the past several years that I have found to be dry and boring and really not that much interesting to read. Most are of the garden variety type which discuss current events that could easily be accessed online at Yahoo! or CNN. I certainly plan to live up to my own expectations of delivering not only my take and opinions on current newsworthy criminal events in the news, but I plan on touching upon those experiences I see and hear while in court on a daily basis. Therein lies the heart of the criminal justice machine that we call Criminal Jurisprudence in this Country. The people, the cases, the witnesses, the victims; all intertwined together sometimes at their own volition, mostly by pure happenstance. 

The criminal case process from arraignment to sentencing can be a very ugly, complicated and unforgiving series of events. The American Criminal Justice system is in no way flawless but you will hear time and time again throughout the halls and courtrooms of every courthouse in this country that our system is not perfect but that it is the best on the planet. So please take the time every now and then to peruse this blog and website and always keep in mind that I welcome any and all feedback.  


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Jonathan Franklin has been defending those accused of committing crimes for over 25+ year when he began his legal career at the as a Assistant State Attorney for the Orange County State Attorney’s Office in Orlando, Florida. As a former prosecutor, Jonathan Franklin learned how good prosecutors and defense lawyers succeed. He also learned how to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in a case and how to use them to achieve results. Call today for a free DUI consultation.

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