Los Angeles DUI Lawyer have brought new hope to people accused of criminal and DUI offenses for more than twenty years. Serving clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area, our team believes that you need the best legal defense when you're dealing with a DUI and DUI-related misdemeanor or felony charges.

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer can assess your case and determine the best possible defense based on the merits of your situation. In some cases, we can get the prosecutors to offer plea bargains that help reduce a felony DUI charge to a misdemeanor. DUI misdemeanors usually carry much less risk of severe punishment. The typical punishment for a first-time misdemeanor DUI in California includes:

  • A minimum of 3 years' informal probation.
  • Penalties.
  • Fines.
  • Assessments,
  • And alcohol education program attendance.

About Jonathan Franklin

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is led by former prosecutor turned defender Jonathan Franklin who now devotes his days to protecting the rights and preserving the freedom of individuals who face criminal charges.

During his undergraduate studies at University of Colorado at Boulder and Stetson University College of Law in Florida, Mr. Franklin gained practical experience working as a Special Assistant Public Defender for the St. Petersburg / Clearwater Public Defender's Office. Upon graduating, he worked at the Orange County State Attorney's Offices in Orlando, Florida as an Assistant State Attorney.

Working as a prosecutor, he gained valuable courtroom experience in prosecuting numerous criminal and DUI cases, including white collar crimes, domestic violence matters, theft, fraud, embezzlement, drug charges and DUIs. But he soon realized that his true passion was defense, and he has since honed his skills as a top rated trial attorney, specializing in DUI. His background as a prosecutor has taught him how to succeed as a defense attorney.

Mr. Franklin left the State Attorney's Offices in 1993 and relocated to California where he worked for Dick Clark Productions, Inc. and Spelling Television, Inc as an in-house attorney, taking care of the companies' business and legal affairs until 1999.

He finally decided to follow his calling, which was to start his own practice where he could work closely with clients and assist them in overcoming complex legal issues through expert counsel and aggressive courtroom advocacy. His passion for his clients led to the inception of his private practice as well as to Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, a firm that provides intelligent, honest, personal service to clients with criminal defense and DUI matters. His goal was to provide his clients with the help they needed when faced with DUI charges, which are often built on flawed methods by prosecutors.

In addition to a former prosecutor, Jonathan Franklin is a member of several prestigious boards, including:

  • Board of Governors of the Beverly Hills Bar Association.
  • Delegation Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.
  • Board of Directors of Hollywood Heights.

Having worked as an accomplished actor with stage and screen credits, his experience as a member of the Screen Actors Guild has made him an expert at championing his clients' causes in an assertive and persuasive manner. He is an exemplary advocate for his clients' cause whether he is arguing their cases in front of a jury, or in closed negotiations with prosecutors.

While Mr. Franklin has the skills and experience to wage a vigorous defense in the courtroom, many successful outcomes result from plea bargain negotiations. You can rely on his experience to navigate your legal matter and the steps involved in fighting for your rights. He will advise you on the best defense, whether it involves negotiation or pushing for a jury trial.

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer - Charitable Causes

Mr. Franklin and our firm have been instrumental in protecting and uplifting the civic life of communities in the SoCal and greater Los Angeles areas through its support of many local cultural and charitable organizations that are close to Mr. Franklin's heart.

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer encourages the community to become involved in these causes, not just by donating money, but with emotional commitment, and through time and energy as well. By taking a proactive stance in community upliftment, fundraising and support of charitable causes, Jonathan hopes to create awareness for issues on a global level.

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Provide an Aggressive Legal Defense

The right defense strategy compiled by an experienced legal team can help you achieve a successful resolution of your legal matter.

Our attorney’s depth of experience with both sides of the adversarial legal system has not only enabled them to hone their skills, but it has provided them with the winning edge when it comes to defending our clients. It guides every action the firm takes on behalf of a client.

The success of a DUI or criminal defense depends on a proactive start, including preserving and gathering evidence while it is still available. We can schedule your administrative hearing with the DMV in order to challenge the suspension of your driver's license. We will then protect your rights by attempting to show that your case should be dismissed, or if possible that you should be found not guilty. We will attempt to prove that the evidence is insufficient to result in a jail or prison sentence.

Our team provides personalized legal services to clients who face DUIs, serious misdemeanor charges, or felonies. During your free initial consultation, Mr. Franklin will explain the most positive, timely and cost-effective legal options that are available to you.

An expert criminal and DUI attorney with a background in prosecution, Mr. Franklin has a gift for recognizing the strengths and weaknesses in a case and knows how to use it to achieve the desired outcomes for his valuable clients. Unlike most law firms, he will not hand your case over to an associate attorney. You will receive representation from him directly.

While most defense attorneys have experience with only one side of the law, Our attorneys have been on the other side for years. Their invaluable experience gained as a prosecutor in the governmental sector and in working in the corporate sector both held many valuable lessons that now benefit our clients. We understand:

  • How prosecutors approach a case.
  • The techniques they use to win.
  • The types of evidence that win them convictions.
  • How prosecutors question witnesses to benefit their cases.
  • How defense witnesses are attacked in order to help the prosecution's case.

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer is not a law mill and Mr. Franklin is not an attorney who just puts in an appearance. Mr. Franklin and his team use their knowledge and experience to aggressively protect the legal rights of his clients who are charged with a DUI. The aim is to avoid jail or prison incarceration.

The team at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer has negotiated countless resolutions, mitigated penalties, and reduced charges over the years. The goal is to avoid conviction and incarceration, but we will passionately defend you in front of judges and juries when the specifics of your case demand that.

Jonathan Franklin Will Wage a Relentless Legal Battle on Your Behalf

At Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, we don't take no for an answer. We will put up our best defense to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Upon your arrest, the District Attorney will decide whether charges should be filed against you. If formal charges are filed against you, it is known as a complaint, which details the facts surrounding the criminal charges. The DA determines whether charges should be filed based on various criteria, including whether the prosecutor deems the case winnable.

The prosecutor will obtain information from the police, which is why you need a defense attorney to talk to the district attorney about your case. The district attorney's perspective on the case may change based on the facts presented on your behalf.

Here at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, we work fast in order to prevent the DA from filing a complaint. If formal criminal charges are filed against you, you will become a defendant and a date will be set for an arraignment, which is your first formal hearing, where the charges will be read and bail is set. At this point you will have the opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty.

Mr. Franklin will be present at your arraignment hearing, although your cause will not be argued at this point. However, he we will be focused at having you released from jail and handling the case together in order to obtain a successful resolution.

During the preliminary hearing, Mr. Franklin will work hard at attempting to exclude evidence, challenge witnesses, and assist you every step of the way through the trial. The aim is to have the DUI charges against you reduced, dropped, or to secure a plea deal. He will prepare a compelling closing argument at the end of the trial in order to secure a not guilty verdict.

At our firm, we understand how a criminal case or DUI can hamper your freedom and impact on your ability to live a normal life. We will work diligently to defend you and fight aggressively to protect your legal rights and your freedom.

Call 310-848-1376 now to secure a free initial consultation. Our phones are operated 24/7/365 and we represent clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Allow Los Angeles DUI Lawyer to assist you in your DUI or criminal case. Experience on both sides of the law can make all the difference to your case.